Our Approach

Regenfirst – your hidden asset

Picture a group of highly experienced consultants working behind the scenes but within your team, totally focused on ensuring growth and regeneration projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Now imagine that these people seem instinctively to understand the pressures you’re under, your organisation’s processes and political sensitivities.

And finally, ponder on the fact that they work tirelessly and persistently to make you and your team look good.

Meet Regenfirst

The team of people you’ve just imagined already exists. Established in 2002, Regenfirst comprises a core team of senior public sector managers plus a select group of associates, every one of whom has many years hands-on experience in driving complex urban regeneration projects from conception through to delivery.

Because of the way we work, although you may never have heard of us, you’ll probably know quite a few of our clients and the major projects we’ve helped them deliver.

Our approach

Our focus is always on delivering a successful outcome – a tangible result that meets expectations and makes a real difference. We have found the best way to achieve this is to work inclusively with our clients rather than as a detached outsource.

By immersing ourselves in your team and building strong relationships across your organisation, we understand your environment, help you manage internal and external stakeholders and adapt quickly to shifting priorities and agendas. Another benefit of this intimacy with your team is that your people’s ideas, skills and enthusiasm are maximised.

Our focus on successful project delivery means we’re really not concerned about searching for glory – when the plaudits come for a job well done and a project delivered, it’s our clients who take the limelight, underlining rather nicely our core proposition – your hidden asset.