The first deep level tunnel to be built on the London Underground was the stretch running from Stockwell to King William Street, situated not far from today's Bank station and only metres away from the surface entrance to Monument station. Most were built to give protection against A bombs during the … HISTORY Courtesy Alan A. Jackson’s ‘Rails through the clay’ ‘The Bombings of 1940 forced a reappraisal of deep-shelter policy and at the end of October the Government decided to construct a system of deep shelters linked to existing tube stations. Deep Level Shelters in London. BBC News delved underground to visit some of London… Separately to this there's the secret world underneath Holborn. Contents Journey 11 stories underground to explore one of eight deep-level shelters that exist below the streets of London. 36m deep level shelters : Built during the Second World War. Written by Robin Clay. The City and South London Railway was actually the first deep-level underground 'tube' railway in the whole world and the first major one to use electric traction. ‘The Deep’ apparently was the nickname for the Southwark deep level bomb shelter sited within the City and South London Railway’s former tunnels between Borough and London Bridge. From deep-level air raid shelters to the colossal tunnels of Crossrail, beneath London lies a labyrinth of tunnels. The Post Office (now BT) network of deep level cable tunnels under central London. The Postmaster General's tunnel is part of a much larger network stretching between the East End of London and Whitehall. World War 2: Eight 'secret' Blitz tunnels built below London Underground exposed WORLD WAR 2 explorers exposed what remains of the deep-level shelters hiding below the streets of London … The London deep-level shelters are eight deep-level air-raid shelters that were built under London Underground stations during World War II. Further, a short distance from Whitehall, an A-bomb-proof telephone exchange deep underneath High Holborn street – originally built as a deep-level government air raid shelter in … Official page . 35m (down to 60m) London Power Tunnels: newly dug tunnels for London's power supply. An upper level of one of the Belsize Park tunnels. The deep level tunnels at Goodge Street have had a particularly interesting history; during the Second World War, they were equipped as General Eisenhower's headquarters and since then they have been used as an army transit camp until a serious (but non-fatal) … It was officially opened by Edward, Prince of Wales, on November 4, 1890, when it had stations at Stockwell, Oval, Kennington, Elephant & Castle, Borough and King William Street.
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