Private Sector Studies

Private Sector Studies

East London Business Alliance

East London Business Alliance (ELBA) commissioned Regenfirst to prepare a report to help them identify and consider public and private funding opportunities that may be available to support both their existing and potential new areas of work.

The first stage of the work provided an assessment and analysis of the current landscape of funding relevant to ELBA. The second stage assembled a picture of ELBA’s current offer, its viability within the changed funding landscape, options, choices and any issues preventing the organisation from maximising income. The third stage identified a range of potential funding sources and evaluated their fit with ELBA’s current and potential offer and recommendations.

The work assisted the organisation in re-positioning their offer and expanding their reach/remit.

Battersea Power Station Development Company

The Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC) recently commissioned Regenfirst to scope the range of current/proposed funding opportunities that may be available to support the development of the Battersea Academy for Skills and Employment (BASE).

The work will also enable the BPSDC to consider how best to structure BASE to take full advantage of the emerging funding opportunities in the context of a ten year phased delivery programme.

The completed work will assist BPSDC to:

  • Deliver its S106 employment and skills related commitments
  • Establish a ‘self-funding’ programme
  • Maximise opportunities to access external funding
  • Create a flexible approach to delivery to maximise investment from other partners, employers and developers
  • Build credibility and focus on objective to ‘create a sense of place’ from a shared ‘premium service’ ethos