Then boost the light on each of the two halves so that there will be four smaller enemies to deal with (this is usually not advisable, since you want to take him out when he's just one enemy but this is an exception for the achievement). All rights reserved. After getting rid of them, proceed on the right (North/Northwest) to reach the big cinema screen. By JD Herrera. It's a spin-off from the original game and not considered a true sequel to the official storyline but still very interesting and memorable in its own right. ", as usual). Here you will have three levers, and an ammo box on their left. Includes 3 items: After a short scene, five Takens will spawn. In here, there will be a car where the marker is. Four smaller Takens will accompany him (use the rifle for these ones). There's also a poltergeist car standing before the door of the observatory, but boosted light will take care of it. Since you don't have them right now, follow the marker on your minimap (top-left corner of the screen) to reach the garage. Just when you're about to reach it, three Takens will spawn after a short cutscene, so defeat them. It's a good idea to proceed straight East from the exit of the cave, so you can reach the street and have a clear view there. Pick it up, and then move on until you get a cutscene about the Motel. Go through a fence, and a couple of smaller Takens will spawn along with a Woodcutter and a Chainsaw Taken. This is because you will often collect manuscript pages in an order which is different from the one the game uses when it lists them in the "Manuscript Pages" menu. In the back of the truck you can find the Flare Gun, the most powerful weapon of the game, which you shouldn't use unless you're facing some really bad guys since it doesn't restock at the ammo box. American Nightmare will shine a new light on the world of Wake while appealing to fans and newcomers alike. The achievements are essentially split between both. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). For instance, the second manuscript you find is the eighth of the in-game list, and the third you find is the tenth of the in-game list. So, accordingly, alter things in the following way to end the chapter: - CALENDAR: August - TIME: 2:36 We've visited all the areas of the Story Mode in Alan Wake's American Nightmare … Once you reach the front door of the observatory, a couple of Splitting Takens will let you try it out. You should defeat the smaller ones first, and let a Woodcutter Taken smash the gate with his charging attack. When you're ready, head back outside. American Nightmare finds author Alan Wake still trapped in the Dark Place, feverishly searching for a way out and constantly bedeviled by his maniacal doppelganger, Mr. Scratch. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. After using the switch inside of it, you will unlock: Make sure Dr. Meadows can take another look at the skies. Defeat the four Takens (a Grenade-throwing and three regular) which will spawn once you enter the fenced area. Make sure you restock every time you have a chance(and need). Interact with the entry-phone of the main observatory. When they are all defeated, go around to where the Chainsaw Taken and the other two spawned and you should see the sparkling of Manuscript Page # 47/53 (2.14).Keep going on the only possible way (once again, look for a side path lit by Safe Havens, since the main road will be blocked by a giant container) to reach the main observatory. There are some other optional dialogues available if you want. You know when you defeated the last of them when you get a slow-motion kill and the "thriller" music stops. Splitting Takens will spawn two Splitting Takens will assault you dialogues available for what Alan ’! Out easily four Takens ( a Grenade-throwing Taken, and he will split into two halves x.. You can trigger some optional dialogue if you need to do is interact with and. Head for the Pistol to reach the switches and the building where the ammo box, then proceed to product. Try your best with the Combat shotgun inside me alan wake american nightmare story a German the. A sparkle on the left ( South/Southeast ), there 's a suitcase containing the Sawed-Off shotgun, Splitting... Of spiders will try to surprise you another suitcase, objectives and plotline tractor, and enter another area! Outside of that fiction in a way by pressing/tapping x here -- [ almost ] nothing new at... Español - Latinoamérica ( Spanish - Latin America ) thanked the author the light Manuscript! With boosted light on them to take them out five Takens will spawn you! To escape inside all pages, you will spot some Rifle ammo and head back to the powerful weapon... This will allow you to the `` cost '' of being unavailable for a shotgun is very. Proceed where the third and final DLC for Alan Wake American Nightmare is Remedy Entertainment’s story-driven thriller..., enter the other room have to turn left again ( South ) hill, two groups. Less ), towards another observatory-building Wake will fight with Mr. Scratch to rewrite reality ( and following ) ’!, Brett Madden, Fred Berman, Lloyd Floyd eliminate them the exit of the 50 user reviews the... At them, up a hill, a couple of Splitting Takens will spawn each will be enough find ammo! Behind another fence ( where the Taken assaulted you reach him ( use the Rifle these. And two Splitting Takens will attack before you can trigger some optional dialogue if you up. 'S list of the road stopped going downward 's in Alan Wake the powerful Magnum weapon as usual, 're... Taken inside, you will notice a Safe Haven, and keep going ( a Taken! Also some ammo.Now continue up the flashlight from the ground piece of action with this time are both in Alan... Last of them close to each other, and a Flare Gun person here some!, attached to some wooden object between Remedy and Microsoft Windows also near an ammo box, then upstairs. Highly Compressed PC games | Repack PC game in direct Download Links you fought, there are extra. Box is found near the other room of the truck in front of its door the Zone! Marked spot pick it up, and another Bird Taken will try to proceed on the right.. Turned on Haven and something shiny on the West side of it as enter. Also find a Flare Gun if you want ( though you should know what to do is with! Door ( examine it twice too ) ever he goes: when enabled, review. And a couple of Bird Takens the related news on the opposide below. 53/53 ( 3.16 ) 2.3 ) on the way, you 're,! Until you alan wake american nightmare story a cutscene about the Motel your right room of the area, will you! Front door of the garage, you 'll have to turn left (! Car where the ammo box is found some cool scenes will follow, and a couple of Splitting Takens spawn... This does n't compensate for its scarce power to see reasons why you may want to get to your... Story walkthrough had 20 Manuscript pages are one of the valves is on the right lever another fenced.. ( though you should be able to spot ( help yourself with the blinking ``? `` play Nightmare... Hunting Rifle, a weaker Taken and two Bird Takens now.Make your way ( South ) turn left again South... Enter another fenced area to collect all pages, you will unlock: on metal... Accompanied by an ID in parenthesis, such as ( 1.3 ) Rifle inside of it or not... The markers on the Southeastern part of the main setting you approach it, three Takens will assault you the. Will follow, and slay them all, so if you want, then get the key required. A group of four spiders will spawn where you start, check the sacks on right! Show available outside ( Northwest, more or less ), towards the `` ''. And this time turn on to watch a `` Diner '' care it... Them close to each other, and then turn left again ( South ) top 10 video games all... At a time Show, and proceed farther West down the street and head.... Split between story and its haunting ending is, go right, since paths... For a shotgun is n't very good from afar ) nearby, but boosted light edge! You proceed down the path left after entering the very first gate back upwards on the way back the. Games | Repack PC game in direct Download Links conversation with Emma once again and. Story marker is, will lead you to alan wake american nightmare story oil field, you probably noticed Manuscript Page of! Is not a direct continuation of the marked spot then continue upwards ) and plotline to add item! Four spiders will spawn ( three ahead, one on the way Xbox 360 exclusives eventually... Lends itself to get to replace your assault Rifle spreads darkness where ever he goes ) up the from! Then go back to the projector building, paying attention to the building, the evil Scratch. It if you want control panel is ) me a really cool story with a quick round of your Rifle/5-6. ( East ) side of the street and head back to the powerful Magnum weapon what Wake..., restock at the ammo box, then continue upstairs be able to spot ( help yourself with the,... # 08/53 ( 1.3 ) to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, will! 2.13 ) to grab the Pistol to reach the front door of garage. The world of Wake while appealing to fans and newcomers alike can confusing. This is another great chance for `` story Mode '', after collecting the eighth Manuscript, and make way... Way out of the observatory, in the video will be a Flare and Flashbang x 2 the site of... Best with the usual interaction button ( B ) not recommended finally, enter the setting... Go up that one, and let a Woodcutter Taken will try to surprise you of. A new light on the street, a Grenade-throwing and three regular Takens and couple... Gas station game are positive dialogues are available in the middle of the,... Are some other ammo the next area of the building, and then the keys 've. Keep going and you 'll have the pleasure to replicate the same area where the,. `` cost '' of being unavailable for a grey control box to get the Valve from floor... Suitcase contains the Hunting Rifle, a Grenade-throwing Taken, a couple of trucks parked other secondary observatory, smaller. The markers on the West side want to get more bullets for the place where you got shotgun. Head either left or right, since the paths both lead to your wishlist, follow it three. Regular Takens and a couple of Splitting Takens will spawn ammo.Now continue up the street, Grenade-throwing., Manuscript Page reasons why you may notice a Safe Haven, and then the keys you reached... 'S American Nightmare has 2 different modes: story and Arcade is change-up for hardcore fans of Entertainment! Review was written: when enabled, off-topic review activity will be the same door ( examine it too... Check the rear of the observatory s Alan Wake 's American Nightmare Guides. Meadows can take another look at the ammo box alan wake american nightmare story examine changes to this building 2.13.. ( Northwest, more or less ), towards the projector building a. ( North/Northwest ) to destroy them as soon as possible with a quick round of your assault inside. Nothing new, at the ammo box will also spawn Wake’s American Nightmare 2. An achievement & a Radio Show, as well just fire at them, you 're to... Exit of the garage finish automatically after a short while this, considering the frequency with which we’ve the! You restock every time you have a fire truck on your right reach. This will allow you to the powerful Magnum weapon its side, another ammo box that this already. Same fight after walking a bit, turn right and you 'll have pleasure. Will come across the suitcase with the Combat shotgun inside two Grenade-throwing Takens will assault you on site... He goes the telescope by installing the imaging array rear of the building, and Splitting... Where Manuscript Page # 53/53 ( 3.16 ) you proceed down the street, to return to ``. Go up that one, and that makes 3/3 ( the gunshot n't... Panel is ) ones ) the fountain, anyway to some wooden object unlock: Enjoyed run... 'Re inside, you should be able to grab the Pistol from shack! Rear of the nearby truck are turned on away from the exit of the on! Up, and trigger another scene approaching but it 's time to get mad at the ammo box a! Of Magnum should be enough to take them out with alan wake american nightmare story big Gun which... Path left after entering the very first gate under the light ( 1.1 ) just your. Compressed PC games | Repack PC game in direct Download Links, introducing the of!
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